Five Questions to Players in the Renewable Energy World – Marinete Vlasits

Expert Interview

Marinete Vlasits

The renewable energy world is changing at a rapid pace and offers new job opportunities with special chances and challenges. In this series, we ask people who are working in different areas of the renewable energy sector 5 questions about their jobs:

1. Why renewables? Profession or vocation?

Because wind, solar, hydropower, hydrogen, biomass, etc are inexhaustible sources that have revolutionised our world. These resources are freely available to us. Also, they may help us clean up the planet.

2. What in your career prepared you in particular for your current job?

The desire to do something that makes sense, such as helping to depollute the planet!

3. Do you have role models, and if so, who and why?

I was born in the Amazon region, where I could take rain showers nearly every day. I felt Nature on my skin as the sun burnt it on my way back from school. I felt Nature both outside and inside my home, for though I was born in a big city, my parents were both from the island of Marajó and they taught me how to live around animals and how to make my own toys. My mother never gave me drugstore medicines. Our medicines were all herbal teas and essential oils.

4. What was your biggest professional challenge?

It was after I came back to Brazil from Germany. I started my career at a Chinese company where I had to figure out the global market from the perspective of São Paulo.

5. What has been your greatest professional achievement?

I have amassed a good client portfolio and built a network of contacts, in addition to contributing to the renewable energy sector with my work and lectures in the last 6 years.

About Marinete Vlasits:
In the last 6 years, Marinete Vlasits has worked in the renewable energy and energy storage sectors as a partner and commercial director, in charge of marketing, which is a multifaceted role. Her activities range from direct negotiation and monitoring the development of projects with clients, purchasing equipment, analysing the scope of projects, approaching and communicating with new clients through digital marketing and new business strategies.

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